Advanced patient scheduling

CoreTrack is a HIPAA compliant cloud based system that features a drag and drop interface, notifications, permission system and peace of mind with available hourly backups.

Drag and Drop Interface

The advanced drag & drop interface allows you to move appointments to new locations, times or even into holding areas.

Available time slots are highlighted as you drag over them (shown in dark gray in the image) and show you where you may drop the appointment for rescheduling.

  • Available anywhere/anytime
  • See time slots by physician or room
  • Track no-shows and cancellations
  • Block or hold time slots easily
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Events calendar


Customization options allow you to reorder locations/rooms as they appear on your site.

Creating a custom view is easy, simply drag the location/room from the available list into the selection area. You can even drag them into the order you want them displayed.

Each location/room has specialized options such as:

  • Custom start/end times (i.e. operating hours)
  • Public View (for HIPAA compliance - shows only a portion of patient names for public areas)
  • Reduced View (show only the appointments already scheduled)
  • Assignment of staff (physicians, technicians, etc.)


Our graphical charts give you a snapshot of common items and are automatically generated

Our advanced reporting system allows you to generate reports on any of the data points we collect. Need to run a report on cardiac patients treated by a specific individual (or individuals) in September, no problem!

All reports are available in excel spreadsheet format for further manipulation.

HIPAA and Backups

ALL Protean systems are fully HIPAA compliant and utilize industry leading encryption, security and audits to ensure your data remains secure and only viewed by authorized individuals.

All systems are fully encrypted with the same type of security banks use for online sessions. All activities on the system are logged and available toadministrators via the security audit report.

Backups are done hourly on all critical data (i.e. schedule itself) and daily for the entire system. Each backup is encrypted before being stored in several different physical locations to minimize data loss.